IBA 2022: Asian Dragon – “Top 100 Typical Intercontinental Entrepreneur, Enterprise in Malaysia”

IBA 2022: Asian Dragon – “Top 100 Typical Intercontinental Entrepreneur, Enterprise in Malaysia”
Ngày đăng: 30/12/2022 10:29 AM

Since entering the market in the export-import sector, ASIAN DRAGON EXIM JOINT STOCK COMPANY has established a great path for the company in all activities. In particular, the motto that Asian Dragon sets and adheres to is to promote international trade that brings the best technologies back to Vietnam and brings the best Vietnamese products to the world. Dare to think big and go fast, after more than 1 year of operation, Asian Dragon has marked a milestone on its development journey when being honored as the Top 100 Intercontinental Typical Entrepreneur, Enterprise in Malaysia in IBA 2022.

The Top 100 Intercontinental Typical Intercontinental Entrepreneur, Enterprise in Malaysia is a title honored by the Organizing Committee of the 2022 Intercontinental Economic And Cultural Forum to recognize the efforts and perseverance of Enterprises and entrepreneurs who overcome the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. This event also honors enterprises and entrepreneurs with excellent results in developing product and service brands that reach far beyond the domestic market to the region and the world.

In addition, the Top 100 typical Intercontinental Entrepreneur and Enterprise also create motivation to encourage businesses to actively innovate, create, develop sustainably, and contribute to enhancing the brand competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises in regional and international markets. 

Being honored and recognized at a world-class economic and cultural exchange forum is really an important milestone for Asian Dragon’s development and outreach journey. Getting the above results in addition to the continuous efforts of the leadership, the advantage also comes from the fact that when the Asian Dragon entered the market, it focused on importing and exporting and supplying health, beauty, and essential consumer goods. This is considered an important strategy of the company when choosing the right potential market with strong growth prospects in the near future.


Asian Dragon Asian Dragon was honored as the Top 100 Intercontinental Typical Entrepreneur, Enterprise in Malaysia in IBA 2022.

For example, for the beauty industry, Asian Dragon has identified this as a potential area to focus on expanding the product line and improving service quality for customers and partners. Sharing about this direction, the CEO of Asian Dragon Ms. Dao Thi Thu Huyen said: “We boldly find our own way in this market because we realize that along with the development pace of society, people start wanting to spend more on serving their own needs, which explains the strong growth of the beauty industry around the world. The global beauty industry is worth more than $500 billion. Specifically, Asia is the fastest-growing beauty market. Vietnam is one of the emerging markets and is expected to explode in growth rate. Therefore, along with health products and essential consumer goods, the beauty industry will be the spearhead of our service.”

With a clear orientation and strategy as soon as it comes into operation, the company is always aiming to create a dynamic – professional – efficient working system, and a friendly working environment. Culture is the value that is built and focused on perfection in the company to bring the best values to partners and customers.

For Asian Dragon, being honored in the Top 100 Intercontinental Typical Entrepreneurs, Enterprises at the 2022 Intercontinental Economic And Cultural Forum is a worthy recognition of the continuous efforts, innovation, and creativity in the world. 

With strong confidence and expectations for development, the Asian Dragon is making steady efforts to grow stronger and develop sustainably as a trusted partner of Vietnamese consumers, and the world market.


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